Bronx Point will provide substantial high-quality open space for the community, including a new playground and landscaped area adjacent to the existing Mill Pond Park to the north, an esplanade along the Harlem River shoreline with a landscaped public walkway and seating areas, and a plaza on Exterior Street beginning underneath the Major Deegan Expressway and extending along a newly activated streetscape and retail corridor.

The site will also include a publicly accessible upland connection as well as open, landscaped spaces surrounding the new building. Collectively, these open space improvements will advance the City and community’s long-standing goal of providing access to the Harlem River waterfront and increasing parkland in the South Bronx.

The family and community focused open space programming includes improved site safety, lawn areas, a new playground, waterfront lookouts, an extended BBQ area, fitness zones for adults, gathering spaces, bike/running/walking path extensions, and publicly accessible bathrooms.

Additional details regarding the open space, including additional illustrative images and renderings, are included in the Bronx Community Board 4 June 2018 presentation located here.

Imagery is illustrative and subject to change